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Want to partner with The Turtle Tribe?

The Turtle Tribe manufactures tens of thousands of bamboo toothbrushes per year and currently supplies retailers, distributors, health food stores, pharmacies, dentists, events, resorts, aged care facilities, gift shops, and more… Contact us today for a quote on our competitive wholesale pricing.  We’d love to work with you! Corporate sustainability and social responsibility are important parts of modern business practice. We work with companies to help them achieve elements of their sustainability plans, particularly around ‘reducing waste to landfill.’ Being socially and sustainably responsible doesn’t just benefit communities and the planet, it is also a wise business decision.

The Turtle Tribe can partner with your business in striving to meet some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically 

Goal 12 – responsible consumption and production

Goal 13 – climate action, and

Goal 14 – life below water

Together, we can make a difference.

Check out some of our successful collaborative ventures to date below…

  • The Turtle Tribe retail partners

    The Turtle Tribe bamboo toothbrushes and plastic-free floss are now stocked in many independent retailers around Australia. Pharmacies, gift shops, health food stores, and ecommerce retailers find that their customers love the quality of the toothbrushes, the great features, Ned’s story, and his competitive pricing. Our retail and wholesale partners enjoy substantial volume discounts that create good margins for our supply chain partners.

    And with customer reviews like this, it’s a win-win!

    “We love them! Our three kids are so proud using them. Love your work Ned.” Bradley S


    Would you like to stock The Turtle Tribe bamboo toothbrushes in your store? Or would you like to discuss distribution rights in your state or country? Email us to discuss. 

  • Australian National Sustainability Conference

    Ned was invited to be a guest exhibitor at the 2019 National Sustainability Conference in Brisbane, where he learnt from, networked with, and inspired attendees, other exhibitors, and many of Australia’s leading corporate sustainability managers, making valuable connections in the sustainability sector that led to many of the opportunities outlined below.

  • Would you like The Turtle Tribe to exhibit or present at your next sustainability event? Email us to discuss.

  • The Moreton Bay Foundation Launch and gala dinner

    As winner of ‘Best Film – Ocean Theme’ with his short film, ‘Twice a Day, Every Day’ at the Cicada Film Festival in 2019, Ned was invited to show his film and be a guest speaker at the inaugural gala dinner to commemorate the launch of The Moreton Bay Foundation (TMBF) at Brisbane’s City Hall. 

  • Guests at the black-tie event included politicians, environmental scientists, marine biologists and leading philanthropists from the Australian business community. The Turtle Tribe partnered with TMBF to provide all guests with a customised TMBF bamboo toothbrush as a memento of the event. 

    Would you like to promote your company or event with customised bamboo toothbrushes, laser etched with your logo or event message? Email us to discuss.

  •  Resorts, retreats and holiday accomodation

    Simon Magnus, manager of Spicers Balfour, winner of the Queensland’s Best Boutique Accomodation Award 2019, set the industry-leading goal of having zero-waste guest rooms, making all those little plastic bottles of toiletries a thing of the past. His was the first Spicers on board, and now most Spicers Retreats around the country provide The Turtle Tribe bamboo toothbrushes in their guest rooms, in some of the most striking locations in the country.
    Well done Spicers for showing leadership in your industry!

    Would you like to show your sustainability credentials, minimise plastic waste and offer your guests the world’s best bamboo toothbrush? Email us to discuss.

  • Dental practices

    Ned designed The Turtle Tribe bamboo toothbrush with the help of his awesome holistic dentist, Dr John Sotis.  Features include a small bristle head, and soft nylon, tapered bristles, making it the perfect brush for all ages and great quality at a market-disrupting price.

  • Because many dentists give away and sell toothbrushes to their patients, The Turtle Tribe offers a special ‘Dentists Deal’ to help dental practices make the switch away from plastic, educating and empowering your patients to help reduce ocean plastics. We also offer plastic free dental floss and toothpaste tablets.

    Would you like to make your dental practice part of the ocean plastics solution?  To give and/or sell bamboo toothbrushes to patients instead of plastic ones? Email us to discuss.

  • Aged Care 

    Since 2020 The Turtle Tribe has partnered with some of Australia’s leading aged care providers, supplying hundreds of aged care facilities in every state of Australia with bamboo toothbrushes. This world-first, inter-generational collaboration is replacing over 80,000 plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones every year. The Turtle Tribe has a proven logistical track record of supplying large volumes of a quality product in zero-waste packaging and shipping, on time, every quarter, to multiple locations in every state, and at no extra cost above the previous plastic toothbrush supply. Now that’s something to smile about!

    Would you like to meet your sustainability goals, minimise plastic waste, offer your guests the world’s best bamboo toothbrush, and create a ‘good news’ story for your company? Email us to discuss.