The Turtle Tribe sonic electric toothbrush information page

The Turtle Tribe sonic electric toothbrush bamboo heads are suited ONLY to SONIC electric toothbrushes

NOTE - Turtle Tribe bamboo electric toothbrush heads are NOT suitable for oscillating/rotating type electric toothbrushes (eg. OralB). Sure, you can fit them on there, but the head is not designed to rotate, and will vibrate in a way that is too uncomfortable to brush your teeth with.

Replace your bamboo toothbrush head every three months.

Adapting Turtle Tribe bamboo electric toothbrush heads to other SONIC brands.

If using a non-Turtle Tribe SONIC electric toothbrush or if your bamboo toothbrush head becomes loose, insert a matchstick or toothpick into the hole in the base of the head, snap off any excess, then push the toothbrush prong back carefully but firmly into hole in the bamboo toothbrush head. it doesn't have to go all the way on, just so long as it's a tight fit.

Click this link to watch a demonstration video.

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DO NOT leave on charge all the time (unplug the base when not charging)
AVOID letting the battery fully discharge (recharge when down to 1 light)
AVOID high temperatures (above 35 degrees Celcius)

By following these tips, you should be able to enjoy years of brushing pleasure with your Turtle Tribe sonic electric toothbrush. At the end of it’s life, recycle via e-waste facilities or via a recognised electric toothbrush recycling scheme. Do not dispose to landfill.

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